Ed & Val Both Celebrating 60 years!

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Ed & Val, CONGRATS on a wonderful journey together all these years. What a great story you wrote. I remember so long ago when the story began. I hope your journey continues for many, many more years. Love to both of you and hope to see you.... Love, Girt

Karen Moore

Dear Val & Ed, Happy we all made it this far! We will never forget all the good times in high school and MSU. What I remember the most is just LAUGHING all the time. Wish we did see you more, you're special people and we love you! Pam & Mace

Pam Macy

Happy 60th Birthdays!! My brother really hit the in-laws jackpot and it has been so much fun to spend time with all the Levy's over the past few years! Looking forward to many more happy occasions and celebrations! xoxo Elissa

Elissa Farkas

Your love for each other and your family is an inspiration for anyone who knows you. Your, up for anything attitude, will keep you young forever. We know this birthday will special and joyful, your children have seen to that. Love Barbara and Steve

Barbara Chernick