Ed & Val Both Celebrating 60 years!

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Val and Ed , We just wanted to let you know how happy we are that you are both in our life. Life is about family and friendships and we have it all. Happy 60th bday to you both and let's continue to celebrate more of what life has to offer, And let's always laugh together. Xoxo Pam and Howard

Pam & Howard Mittleman

Ed and Val, we have treasured your friendship for 35 yrs and shared so many joys and some sadness. We've followed you from Hackensack to Clifton, Rockaway, Parsippany, to West Caldwell, and will continue to track you down wherever you go! You are both true Friends! Happy Birthdays! Love, Rea & Howie

Rea Epstein

Happy 60th Birthday! Jess and Eric's love brought us together but it is your warmth and generosity of spirit that made us friends. We consider ourselves most fortunate to have this special relationship. We wish you the best always and look forward to many celebrations to come! Love, Sue & Erv

Susan W. Farkas

I'd like to add photos of Ed from our deck parties but Ed was carried home long before the pictures were taken; both times. You could have no better friends than Val & Ed; they're there for you every time. Happy birthday to you both ; Love and our continued friendship; Ike & Karen

Ike Goldberg