Ed & Val Both Celebrating 60 years!

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(Continued): knew who would help. It's rare to have people like that in your life for so long and my guess is you are that for many of us. Here is to you and the next 20 years of friendship.

Andy Schwartz

Val & Ed - We want to wish you both a HAPPY HEALTHY & JOYOUS 60th birthday! Hard to believe you guys are at that milestone in your lives as you both still look and act like Yutes! All the best to you both, always & forever. xoxo, Lisa & Jim Stathis

Lisa Stathis

Happy Birthday! Thank you for welcoming me into the family. When I think of you guys, some of my favorite things come to mind: BBQ, delicious home-made desserts, an abundance of snacks, cold-beer in a frosted mug, good music and conversations, and of course, family gatherings! Happy 60th!

Jordan Greenberger

Val and Ed, I would like to wish the both of you the happiest of birthdays and thank you for making our families 20 plus years in North Caldwell so much better because of your friendship. I would like to let you know how important it has always been to know that if I really needed help I always..

Andy Schwartz